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Using the Flash Fill function to automatically complete data in Excel

I once had to split an Excel column with addresses: District, municipality, village, etc. they were all in one column. I needed to separate them into separate columns for easier sorting or filtering. That's how I came across Excel's function: Flash Fill .

Flash Fill is a feature to automatically fill your data when it senses a pattern…

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How to downgrade a SQL Server database?

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You have backup databases from a higher version of SQL Server and for some reason you need to restore the backup to an older version. I recently ran into such a scenario: to restore a SQL Server 2019 database to SQL Server 2008R2. Attempting to restore the database backup files, the following message is received about…

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The future of URL shortening sites

URL shortening sites and AccDox Shortener are not a new idea and are an integral part of Internet culture and provide convenience for sharing long web addresses. As technology advances and user needs change, the realm of URL shortening is experiencing interesting changes. Some of them are specialized for certain purposes like generating QR codes, embedding video…

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The need for URL Shortener sites

URL shortening plays an important role in the Internet space, providing a convenient way to shorten long and complex URLs to shorter, shareable links. Let's look at the background, need for them, pros and cons of URL shortening sites:

Background and Need for URL Shortening Sites:

Before the advent of URL shortening sites, Internet addresses (URL - Uniform Resource Locator)…

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